IT Consulting.

Technology is no longer a set of tools for speed and convenience, but the foundation of a company's success. As such, IT Consulting can no longer be comprised of break-fix technicians and resold services. IT Consulting today needs to be a strategic partnership, focused on security, efficiency and ease, while working towards an aligned set of business goals. At Virtua, we recognize the impact of even the smallest technology decision on internal and external experience. Through our own consultancy, coaching for other IT Pros and a series of annual events and programs, Virtua is leading the revolution to redefine the role of outsourced IT.

IT is not a service, it's an experience.

Welcome to the Virtua Consulting Brands

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Let's redefine the future of IT Consulting.

Virtua was born out of a desire to provide better service to a fast-paced, diverse clientele. Not just fixing things when they break but being a true technology partner to our clients. With 15 years of experience and some of the highest IT consulting ratings in the most demanding market in the world, we spread our wings-not only providing quality IT consulting to our clients but helping other IT Consultants grow their businesses through education and software. From ACES Conference and Mastermind to Appitalize On Your Idea and VirtuaXYZ, every part of Virtua Consulting is here to help you succeed.

How We Help Everyone

The Components of Virtua Consulting

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IT Consulting

Helping Mac-based businesses with all their technological needs. From firewalls to printers and everything in between.

"Consultant" Consulting

Helping other Apple Consultants grow their businesses.

custom software for IT consultants

Software & Hardware

Building software and hardware to help clients and Apple Consultants move their businesses forward.

Teaching IT consulting


Hosting Conference and Mastermind groups for Apple Consultants, as well as educational content for end-users.

Everyone Deserves An IT Company They Can Trust

We pride ourselves on the following pillars

Honest IT consulting

Honor System

We believe in being honest with our clients—all our relationships are built on trust.

Staying calm under pressure zen

Cool as a Cucumber

There are some things we can control and some we can't, but no matter what we stay calm and get the job done.

Fast but not Furious

We've built a reputation on smart prioritization that keeps you and your business running smoothly.

The Education Connection

We document all our information, and make it fully accessible to our clients.

Positive attitude

Happiness is Contagious

When we hire people we don't just look at technical ability, we look for infectious, positive energy.

Meet your new team.

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