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Our tech blog touches on all aspects of your nonprofit, from operations to donor cultivation to fundraising- discussing the tools you need to work more efficiently and effectively as a team. Not only tips and tricks but personal stories- because your stories that matter.

Our yearly nonprofit technology conference brings industry experts to your virtual office with the information you need to know NOW. Expert speakers covering topics from basic tech infrastructure to Facebook/Instagram marketing to the importance of maintaining your donor data- and everything in between.

This is where you'll find our full range of videos- conference sessions and TikToks. (@virtua_ash)

Our Mission

We know how rapidly technology is advancing, and how these advancements can vastly impact the future of your nonprofit. We support your digital transformation with the utmost integrity and empathy for your team and your mission- so you can focus on your passion and we can focus on helping you achieve it. 

Take Your Nonprofit To The Next Level.

Our services are designed to amplify your nonprofit's operations, team, and culture, to promote exponential levels of success in development, fundraising, and growth within your community. 

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